Gopashtami marks the day when Shri Krishna was entrusted the responsibility of taking care of gauvansh.


Varye tushte aham tushtah, kupite kupitastvaham. tvattah priyataro nasti mamanyo dvijpungva .
Says Lord Shiv to Nandi : Satisfying you will satisfy me, distressing you will anger. There will be none more dear to me than you.

“Cow is a magical being, the benefits of nurturing her manifold and the ill-effects of hurting her are severe. She is the mother,” says Ashwini Guru ji of Dhyan Ashram.

Gopashtami marks the day when Shri Krishna was entrusted the responsibility of taking care of gauvansh by his father Nanda. On the auspicious occasion of Gopashtami yagyas and pujas along with nurturing and feeding Krishna’s nandis and gaiyas is said to bestow you not only with good health, prosperity and peace but also removes obstacles from home and office, rids the body of impending disease and increases your vitality.

On this powerful day Dhyan Foundation will be performing simultaneous yagyas and pujas across the gaushalas and shelters, across the country.

Nurturing these 70,0000 plus nandis at Dhyan Foundation’s 44 gaushalas is extra special for they have been rescued by the Border Security Force from meeting a bitter end at the butcher’s knife from the Indo-Bangladesh border and now have a happy home with us.

Saving the cow is a sign of prosperity. Even today, the ones who heed to this magical animal are not left disappointed. A volunteer at Dhyan Foundation who is actively involved in saving cows, was barely 3 months into his job at a media house when he did a story on the five-legged cow.

That story was published all-across the globe bringing him international fame. Another sadhak who was crunched for resources but wanted to study abroad, started serving cows and would whisper his wish in the ears of a bull daily. Within three months, funds were arranged miraculously, and he went onto to study at a top university in USA.

It is said that if you regularly feed cows and they lick your head then your hidden mental abilities fructify—this was true for the great Saint Kabir, his poetic abilities manifested only once he was licked by a cow on his head.

The karmic benefits of serving nandis and mother cow are manifold, on Gopashtami this only gets enhanced further, helping you reap even more benefits be its for your health, business or even removal of negativity.

Come be a part of this historic cause and bring health, wealth, peace, and serenity into your lives. Join us for Gopashtami celebration near you on Nov 12 and 14.
To participate +91 9318451205 or log on to

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