Elephant Safari restarted in Kaziranga National Park


The elephant safari in
Kaziranga National Park
has started on Monday.

Director of the park, P
Shivkumar started the el-
ephant safari at Kohora
range.The elephant safari
at Bagor1 range has also
restarted for tourists with
30 elephants.Inaugurating
the elephant safari at both
the ranges, the Director
said that the UK nationals
who are working in India
have visited the park and
they are the first tourists
for the safari. We have
witnessed large number of
tourists and both foreignn
and national tourists flock
to the park with the open-
ing of jeep and elephant
safari,” Shivkumar said.He
further added that the tour-
ists are attracted towards
the natural beauty of the
park. “We have received

Elephant Safari restarted

around 18000 tourists in one month since its opening on October 1. Earlier, we used
to receive 10,000 tourists. However, the number would have increased had the
foreign tourists would be able to travel. We hope that the foreign tourists also flock
to the park with the resuming of the intemational flights, he said.Elephant Safari tour
is a fabulous selection of itineraries aimed for people who wish to see the forests of
varied topography and capture a glimpse of wild animals more closely. Since the
maximum area of the park is easily accessible so one could closely see the herds of
one-hormed rhinos roaming around. It gives you a chance to view animals in their
natural habitat at close quarters and thus the rich fauna of Kaziranga coverts your
trip into the rewarding experience.Elephant safari is the best and safest way to
explore the remotest and untouched area of Kaziranga forests. If you are keen in
exploring denser areas of the forests and search of unseen creatures, elephant ride
is the best option. It helps the visitor to walk through such difficult terrains where
your jeep can not reach. But advance booking is advisable. Elephant seat is
offered on first come and first serve basis.

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