Too much love is not right

Too much love is not right
Nazrul Islam Tofa: We give “love” to many people along the way in life. Maybe we ‘feel’ too happy with someone or extra love. But every man has a lot of love in his life but does not want to give it. But I want to say in this discussion, – less love of someone or more love of someone. These are the people who will love or caress people .
There is nothing wrong with that, people can love, that is normal. But the problem, I mean here, is excess or too much love. Such “extra love or extra appreciation” should not be done at all.
Be sure to keep your “excess love expression” under control. As a result of excessive love, people will increase their price and people will not want to pay the price of your love. In today’s society, finding true love has become very difficult. There are many people who expect to receive extra love, after some time that person hurts the person giving the love.
Many things will come in your life while walking in this world. You can also achieve a lot in life. But nothing will be “extra” good. Nothing can be relished by extra people, just because of their own character. Giving people too much love will make them think you are cheap. This animal-like person, if given too much love, loses his “self-consciousness” and becomes intoxicated with laughter, slander, or sarcasm. Let’s say here,- It is normal to make mistakes as human beings, but you will never do all the efforts to correct that mistake.
Therefore, if given an extra chance, they will surely sit on their heads and be rude. Uzbuk people of this class do not have the ability or ability to tolerate excessive love or excessive happiness. I will say that too much love and too much passion will make a man of good character cry a lot at one time. He must be neglected. And sometimes for extra love will interfere with your own work or in any way may endanger. To be clear here, you want what you want sometimes but if you want too much, you lose it. Similarly, if you show love too much, then one day you will lose love. So let’s say that extra love will one day become ’cause of extra suffering’. We should learn that excess is not good. Also one should not take extra love from anyone. Let’s say, those who get too much love cannot keep it. They always neglect and hate love. However, I must say here, – you love people, take them close. But know people. There is a time in life when you have to scream and cry to get love. But love will not catch then. Because time will take its revenge.
Those who get too much love cannot keep it. Remember that there is no fear of losing in love, be prepared to apply that love. In fact, true love or real love cannot be borne by the scarcity of human knowledge at present. In my lifetime, excess love is difficult to sustain for long, because the ‘needs and expectations’ of the corrupt or corrupt people will be more noticed, they will be neglected at one time. You need to know, too much love will one day make too lonely. People will cheapen you out of extra love.
Finally, I will say in terms of this discussion, I have cheated a lot in love. Still, I want to continue loving people, I have no interest in my love, no need, no harm, no desire. I respect some words of the Creator. The hadith is in Qudsi, it came from the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam. The great “Allah Ta’ala” said that, – ‘I was the hidden treasure; “I love people” was revealed, so I created all creations. In the world of God’s great power, love is the first action or action. That’s why I love people.
Author: TV and stage actor, painter, journalist, columnist and professor.

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