The Assam government will burn 2,479 pieces of rhino horn on Sept 22 


The Assam government will burn 2,479 pieces of rhino horn on Sept 22 

Asom khobor Guwahati 20 SEB– A historic decision have been taken by the State cabinet regarding burn the thousands of rhinos horn at Bokakhat in presence of Assam Chief Minister Dr Human Bushes Sarma .

The state government is already preparing to burn thousands of rhinoceros horns at  Bokakhat on September 22 next . The rhino horns stored in the Assam government treasury will be burnt soon after a committee reconciliation it . 

A total of 2,479 pieces of rhino horn will be burnt. The decision was taken in the cabinet on Thursday at a meeting chaired by chief minister Himanta Biswa Sharma.

Currently, 2,479 horns out of 2,623 horns stored in the treasury will be destroyed in a public event. Cabinet minister Keshab Mahanta noted that 94 rhino horns will be preserved as pieces of heritage for educational purposes and 50 rhino horns will be reserved for court cases.

The Assam government has decided to set up a natural history museum at Kaziranga National Park. Where 94 horns will be as pieces of heritage and public presentation. 94 horn rhino died of natural causes.The Rhino horn, which is also our rare state animal. The committee will light six special iron pyres at Bokakhat Stadium with full respect. The rhino horn ashes will be mixed with concrete and made into slab which will be kept for display at Kaziranga National Park.

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