JUA vehemently condemned Inhuman activity of so-called photographer .

JUA vehemently condemned
Inhuman activity of so-called photographer 

Asom khobor Tezpur, 24 Sept : Journalists Union of Assam (JUA) strongly condemns the inhuman and ghastly act of a photographer who jumped and stomped on an injured person during an eviction drive at Dholapur in Darrang district of Assam on Thursday .

In a statement issued by JUA president Bedabrat Lahkar, working president Samim sultana Ahmed and General Secretary Dhanjit Kumar Das said that,
the JUA has taken note of a video of the incident which went viral across the Nation
and observed that the culprit is not a journalist but a photographer hired by the Darrang district administration.

JUA demands strong action against the person who was masquerading as a journalist and spreading hatred, thereby maligning the journalist community .

JUA urges the State Government to issue officially approved Press jackets to journalists so that the genuine journalists can be easily identified
It has come to our notice that different districts admissions have hire photographers whose credentials are doubtful. JUA urges the authorities to confirm such persons credentials before they engage such persons in documenting such sensitive incidences.

At the same time, we also urge the State government, particularly the district administrations, to sensitise the police personnel as to how to deal with such a sensitive exercise like eviction of people from their occupied lands. Such an barbaric act of the photographer could have been avoided had the police personnel act in accordance with the professional ethics.

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